Lions Awarded for Dedication and Hard Work 2015

The following awards were given to club members for their dedication and hard work for Bethany Lions and our community:

“Lion of the Year” – Anne McDonnell
“Lifetime Achievement” – Don Duman
“Lifetime Achievement” – George McDonnell
Longevity Awards
5 years = Nasreen Kahn
Alex Dembski
Anne Dembski
Mary Ellen Diotalevi
20 years = Kim McClure Brinton
25 years = Craig Stahl
45 years = Russ Von Beren

100% Meeting Attendance = Anne Dembski, Bruce Hescock, Janet Hescock and Stu Horton

New Member and Sponsor Recognition

Mena Argentari – sponsored by Janet Brunwin
Linda Dubosar – sponsored by Janet Brunwin

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