7 thoughts on “Flea Market starts May 4th

  1. could you email me directions from Norwalk ? Thanks

    what time do vendors start setting up? do you run out of vendor space or is there sufficient spaces?

    thanks for you help!

    1. Always enough room. We have never had to turn anyone away.
      Set up is usually around 6-6:30 am.

      Use google maps to get directions. The location is on Route 63 at the old airport grounds.

  2. Do vendors need to reserve a site in advance ?
    How to go about it?
    Thank you for any information
    Bernice & Mark

    1. No reservations needed. Show up at 6:30 am and set up. One of the Lions will be around sometime in the morning to collect the fee.

  3. I would like to sell home grown vegetables at the flea market and wondering if its still possible this year as in the previous two two years.

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